About Us

Education For Independence

CANnect is a consortium of schools and philanthropists with years of experience. We aim to be the leading online educator of people who are blind or visually impaired.

Our member schools currently are piloting easy-to-use Web-based courses. Classes are available now on workplace tools like spreadsheets and word processing.

CANnect solves problems for people with vision impairments so they can get on with learning. There’s no need to arrange transportation. Online classes are available anywhere, any time.

The Know-How To Deliver

The educators and philanthropists who form the CANnect consortium know:

  • The world of vision impairment.
  • Curriculum development.
  • Online learning.

We offer:

  • Truly usable design.
  • Relevant subject matter.
  • High success rates.

US Federal Contractor Registration

Recognition and Awards

This year, CANnect was awarded a Certificate of National Recognition while competing for the 2011 Collaboration Prize. Out of the 8O7 applicants CANnect was recognized as one of 95 quarterfinalists for the competition.