The Right Team

The CANnect consortium includes educators from long-established schools for the blind, experts in online business startups, and philanthropists willing to back up a good idea from their own pockets.

Member Institutions

Carroll Center for the Blind
A private, non-profit agency established in 1936 in Newton, Massachusetts. It serves persons of all ages who are blind or visually impaired.

Washington State School for the Blind
A public, statewide demonstration and resource center that provides services to children from birth to age 21, both on campus and in local communities.

The Gibney Family Foundation
Discovering, working with, and supporting the most effective non-profit organizations helping the blind and those who are otherwise challenged. The foundation’s offices are in South Burlington, Vermont.


CANnect’s board of directors includes blind and sighted individuals. Its president is Dean O. Stenehjem, Ed.D., superintendent of the Washington State School for the Blind.