Access Technology Trainer Certification Course

Teaching Access Technology to blind and visually-impaired individuals can be a rewarding profession. All too often, access technology specialists are forced to rely on manuals for specific applications and keyboard reference cards for the specific screen reader being taught. This can be frustrating for both student and instructor.

Access Technology Institute is pleased to be able to offer training for individuals who wish to improve their skills to better serve their clients.

Through a series of demanding and intensive immersions into Microsoft Windows 8, Jaws for Windows, Window-Eyes, System Access, Microsoft Office applications, the Internet, and assistance in marketing skills and creating a "presence" in the world of access technology training, instructors will understand the difference between the operating system and the screen readers, be able to communicate concepts to students who have never heard the words -- menu, combo box, etc., and more.

Learn the language of the screen readers, the differences between the various flavors of Windows as well as the capabilities of the screen readers in a variety of applications.

These immersions are designed to take those with a desire to teach and give them the skills necessary to provide premier training in the use of access technology.

These demanding components will require an hour of live, voice-chat, classroom time per week. This time will consist of one hour per week training in the various programs, understanding the lessons from the perspective of the student as well as discussions of student relations, special needs of blind and visually impaired students, assessing the needs of students, dealing with rehab counselors, and more.


Access Technology Institute

Subject Area: 

Educational Strategies


Cathyanne Murtha

System Requirements: 

Office software

Course Style: 

Real-time (Synchronous)





Price range: 

More than $400